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Published on January 15th, 2015 | by News Feed

Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer

Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer News Feed
Hit Size - 94%
Construction - 89%
Usability - 93%
Cleaning - 94%
Herb/Oil Capacity - 94%
Cost - 90%



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Over the past few years, the Volcano Vaporizer has remained the absolute top of the line option with no competition even coming close. But that is changing thanks to the brand new Herbalizer Desktop vaporizer. Designed by ex-NASA engineers as an all-in-one tabletop system, this unit is so cool that you will forget your Volcano even exists.

The Herbalizer had dual functions, meaning you can use it for vaping or for aromatherapy. You can use it with essential oils or your preferred mix of herbs and concentrates. It can basically do everything that all of the most powerful vaporizers on the market can do, but it’s all possible from one powerhouse device. It has a super powerful heating element, a whisper quiet fan, and a ton of functionality. Best of all, it’s discreet and no one will visit your home and immediately assume the worst about you if they see it sitting on your coffee table.

This vaporizer is completely made in the USA and a sleek futuristic design. It is about twelve inches long and weighs in at two pounds. The flip top lid hides the main control panel and the chamber while the whip wraps around the outer edge. Inside the mezzanine level of the lid, you can hide all of your essential supplies – a chamber brush, aromatherapy discs, cheese grater, and essential oil storage. Everything you need is all in one convenient package so you can forget rummaging around the house to get all of your supplies together.

The heating element in the Herbalizer is highly impressive. It can jump to a blazing 380 degrees in just five seconds. I found that the control panel is highly intuitive. Your vaporizer will boot up when you open the lid and then you can select the aromatherapy option or vaporizing option. Then the unit intuitively heats up to the appropriate temperature. When you are using it for aromatherapy, you can even preset a time from one minute to an hour and set the fan speed to run at high or low.

When you use it for vaping, you can set the heating element temperature from 290 to 445 degrees and then set the fan on or off as needed. This system works with a whip or bags. I liked the whip a lot, but the included mylar bags were unbelievable. The bags fill in less than 20 seconds and hold a whopping two liters of vapor. You can fill two bags per bowl, which is more than enough to get the job done.

There are several big advantages to the Herbalizer. One of the things I loved was that it is really quiet. While the Volcano has long been the gold standard for vaping, it can be really loud, but the Herbalizer is super quiet even when the fan is running on high. It also seems to heat evenly every time and there aren’t any burned spots to worry about.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect unit and there is still room for improvement in a few areas. I found the upper lid and storage section to be a little flimsy. While that’s not a deal breaker, this unit is expensive and I would like the construction to be a little more solid considering the price.

Ultimately, the Herbalizer is worth the price. Even though it is expensive at over $700, the price if fair because you get a 5-year quality guarantee and a 2-year limited warranty. The NASA-standard stress test showed the bulb would last 20 years so you are really getting years of vaping excellence for the price. If you really want the best in the world of desktop vaporizers, get the Herbalizer. You won’t be sorry.

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