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Published on May 30th, 2014 | by admin

Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Reviewed

Magic-Flight Launch Box Vaporizer Reviewed admin
Hit Size - 85%
Construction - 86%
Usability - 95%
Cleaning - 94%
Herb/Oil Capacity - 80%
Cost - 95%



User Rating: 4.5 (1 votes)

The Magic Flight Launch Box peeked my interest because it looks so different from the typical portable vaporizer. The simple design is organic, comfortable, and really appeals to the green lifestyle. The launch box is made from wood and at first glance, it really just looks like a small wooden box with four holes. However, that simple design makes for some of the best vapor I’ve ever had from a portable vaporizer!

This model uses basic rechargeable AA batteries. It’s really easy to assemble and it only takes a few minutes to get everything in position to start vaping. Just add the battery, put your herbs in the chamber, and you are ready to go. The launch box gives you the option to vape with or without a mouthpiece and I tried both options. Personally, I like using the mouthpiece so that I’m not constantly pressing my lips on the wood. I found that without the mouthpiece, my lips got chapped and it wasn’t quite as comfortable.

For maximum performance, you should use really fine herbs with the launch box. It just doesn’t give the same powerful vapor if your herbs are too moist or large. If you are going to use the launch box as your regular portable vape, I would recommend investing in a good finishing grinder. When you use the finely ground herbs, remember that they can make a little mess so just be sure to wipe down the screen and remove any leftover herbs after each use.

I really enjoyed using the launch box, especially when I was outside. Because of the design, you can even use it on a windy day and still enjoy good thick vapor. I found that just a small pinch of herbs went a long way so it’s a great way to get a long of bang for your buck and make your favorite blends last.

The launch box is definitely different from other portable vaporizers so there is a slight learning curve in the beginning. You have to hold the battery constantly while using the vaporizer and that took me a little time to get used to. Basically, you push the battery to turn it on and if you don’t hold the battery down, you can’t get any power. Once you get the hang of it, the launch box is pretty intuitive, but it did take a little time for me to master the method and get used to it.

All things considered, I really like the Magic Flight Launch Box. It was comfortable to use and the vapor quality was really out of this world. The wooden design and organic feel really appealed to my earthy side. I actually liked the fact that there was no digital display or manual temperature dials. It was easy to use and took a lot of the work out of vaping. If you want a portable vaporizer that is really powerful, but doesn’t require a lot of detailed digital settings, this is definitely the one to go with!

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