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Published on January 15th, 2015 | by News Feed

Plenty Vaporizer Review

Plenty Vaporizer Review News Feed
Hit Size - 92%
Construction - 93%
Usability - 93%
Cleaning - 90%
Herb/Oil Capacity - 95%
Cost - 85%



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The Plenty Vaporizer is hands down one of the best new desktop models to hit the market in a long time. In fact, I would rank it right up there with the famous Volcano and the new Herbalizer. While the design is a little eclectic, the function is solid. It has an extra-wide chamber for your herbs so you can strong, powerful hits every time. Plus you can customize your vaping by adding as much or as little herb as you need without jeopardizing performance.

Another great feature with the Plenty is the cooling coil that’s situated between the herb chamber and the mouthpiece. It does an incredible job at making the vapor comfortable and easy to inhale and it really seems to enhance the flavors. First impressions on the Plenty can be mixed. Sure, it looks a little like a power tool, but the performance is worth twice the price tag.  While some wick-style vaporizers give you mediocre taste and density, that’s not the case with this unit. It provides smooth, clean vapor with every draw.

There are two unique features that really set this vaporizer apart from the competition. First of all, the size of the herb chamber is really incredible. In fact, the chamber is larger than what you find in the Volcano. With extra surface area, you end up with better vapor production. Second, you will love the cooling coil. It might look a little strange, but it serves a good purpose in that it cools the vapor as it travels through the tube to the mouthpiece. Personally, I don’t always enjoy warm vapor as it can be irritating to the throat and lungs. So the cooling coil makes the overall experience way more enjoyable for me.

I love that the Plenty gives you good, strong draws. It’s not overbearing, but it’s plenty dense. This unit does take a few minutes to heat up before it’s ready to start vaping, but I didn’t think that was a big deal. The dial was easy to set and you can experiment with it a little find the setting that gives you the best performance. It’s normal for the temperature to fluctuate a little during use, but even with the slight changes to temp, you will get good consistent performance.

Overall, I think the Plenty is a solid choice when you want a desktop unit that performs among the best. While this one isn’t quite as expensive as the Volcano or the Herbalizer, it still offers you that powerful performance that you are looking for.

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