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Published on February 8th, 2015 | by News Feed

Washington Dispensaries Welcome New Pot Vending Machines

The marijuana market is booming in Washington and as more people explore the options of using cannabis, dispensaries are looking for ways to speed up distribution and make things simpler for busy customers. In Seattle, dispensaries are making history by installing the nation’s first ever pot vending machines. We’ve seen similar vending machines in Colorado that pump out edibles, but this time it’s different. The new ZaZZZ machines offer actual marijuana flower buds and customers can access them within seconds if they have a medical marijuana prescription card.

Greg Patrick, the spokesman for ZaZZZ, said the company is excited to make cannabis more easily accessible to those who need it. “It’s historic, there’s just no other way to state it. We saw the repeal of prohibition in the early 20th century and the mark that made on our country and the companies that did it right,” he said. “We’re in that stage. This will only happen once in our country’s history, the repeal of this prohibition.”

The ZaZZZ machines are built with touchscreen controls like many ATM machines and they allow customers to shop for weed, read about medical marijuana, and even play games. Customers can pay for their purchases in cash or bitcoin since the federal government doesn’t allow weed purchases with debit or credit cards.

“Once you swipe your ID, you can go shopping on the screen,” Patrick explained. “You can be in and out – literally – in a matter of minutes.” The weed inside the machines is grown in state because federal law doesn’t allow pot to be shipped across state lines.

Opponents of legalized marijuana have often argued that vending machines are a bad idea because they invite criminal activity and are easy targets for break ins. But Patrick said the ZaZZZ machines are completely secure. There is no glass window and they are virtually impossible to break. “That machine is like a miniature little Fort Knox,” he said.

This is just further evidence that we are crossing into a new era in the United States. We are finally seeing major progress as marijuana companies look for new ways to distribute weed and make life easier for the patients that need it most.

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